Social media shake-up

Is Facebook on the way out?

Australian teens are starting to turn their back on social media giant Facebook, with a new report finding the site's popularity has dropped by 70% in two years.

The survey of 800 Aussie teens, conducted by cyber education company Best Enemies, revealed that only 11.57% of 13 to18-year-olds regarded Facebook as their most used platform.

It’s a fall from grace for the social media monolith, which previously ranked at number one just two years ago.

Taking over the top spot for teens is Instagram, with more than half of those surveyed saying it was their most used app, followed by Snapchat which was used by one in four.

While Facebook's popularity maybe waning amongst teens, the trend isn’t replicated across Australia with the 2018 Yellow Social Media Report finding 94% of social media users on the platform.

Aussies of all ages are also flocking to Instagram and Snapchat, with Instagram users jumping from 31% to 46%  and Snapchat users nearly doubling in growth from 22% to 40%.

The report also found that 79% of Australians used social media, with 59% checking it daily and many looking over it five times a day.

Across all age groups, the younger generation are the biggest social media users with 99% of 18 to 29-year-olds using the platforms. Less than half of people aged 65+ (47%) use social media.

Men have more friends on social media than women (522 vs 418) and are more likely to be on social media in public, on the toilet and in the bedroom.

Social media was also found to affect people's moods, with users reportedly feeling anxious when unable to access their account and many fearing their social media footprint may come back to bite them one day.

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