Trip to Mount Glorious

One of Queensland's most exciting drives

A deep rumble fills my garage as I press the start/stop button on my dashboard. My seat reverberates with each revolution of the engine. It’s go time.

I point the front wheels toward the mountains, where highways turn to twisty winding turns. Brisbane may not be the driving paradise of the world but the road to Mount Glorious is heaven. One minute you are driving through the leafy suburb of The Gap, next minute you are skyrocketing towards the mountain tops, twisting and turning through tight bends and blind corners. 

The road first snakes its way toward the summit of Mount Nebo, where there is a fantastic view at Jolly’s Lookout. On a clear day, you can see the glimmering sand dunes on Moreton Island. It’s a great place to stop and take a break and let your engine cool after a straining climb up the mountain. But this is only the beginning.
When I leave the lookout, I find it hard to believe I’m only minutes from the bustling hub of Brisbane. We are so lucky to have so much beauty close to the city. The road continues to ascend through more twists and turns, like a giant python wrapping itself up a tree. On a quiet day, there is nothing better than having the road to yourself as you get into a rhythm from corner to corner. As you finally wind around to Mount Glorious, you are met by a biker café, styled like an old school American diner. This is a popular spot on a Sunday, but today it’s quiet.

Out of the township, bush turns to lush rainforest. The road’s previously sharp curves become longer, straighter bends. The speed increases, and with the windows down, you can really feel the wind in your hair. This is living. 

Eventually, the road dives steeply, rushing back and forth down the mountain. This section can be particularly dangerous when there are motorbikes on the road, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. In a car, this road is a lot of fun and I’m sure it’s even more so on two wheels. There is truly no road like this in south east Queensland. 
Once you finally hit the bottom of the range, you can choose to turn around and do the whole road in reverse, but if by this time you’re feeling hungry, you can do the longer circuit via Fernvale, the home of some of the best pies in the country. Here you will find over 120 varieties to choose from and plenty more sweets if you’re still hungry afterwards. 

With my belly full, its time to hit the road again, this time the main western highway back into Brisbane. It’s nice to not be wrestling the wheel for once, a stark contrast to the snaking roads of the mountains prior. 

In no time at all, I drive my car back into the garage. I press the start/stop button and the engine shudders to a standstill. The garage goes eerily quiet. I step out, stretching my back after the long drive. What a great day that was.