What to do if caught in a storm

Safety advice to help you stay safe when a storm hits.

Storms are a fact of life for Queenslanders over the summer months and while the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) endeavours to notify the public before they hit, they can form with little or no warning.

If you do find yourself caught in a storm the BoM has the following recommendations:

  • If driving, don't drive into water flowing over roads.
  • Don't drive, walk, ride or swim through flood waters.
  • Seek shelter in a "hard-top" (metal-bodied) vehicle or solid building but avoid small open structures or fabric tents.
  • Never shelter under small groups of (or single) trees.
  • If far from shelter, crouch (alone, feet together), preferably in a hollow. Remove metal objects from your head and body. Don't lie down flat but avoid being the highest object in the vicinity.
  • If your hair stands on end or you hear “buzzing” from nearby rocks, fences etc., move immediately. At night, a blue glow may show if an object is about to be struck.
  • Don't fly kites or model aeroplanes with control wires.
  • Don't handle fishing rods, umbrellas or golf clubs etc.
  • Stay away from metal poles, fences, clotheslines etc.
  • Don't ride horses, bicycles or travel in open vehicles.
  • If swimming, surfing etc., leave the water immediately.
  • If boating, go ashore to shelter as soon as possible.
  • Be sure the mast and stays of a sailing boat are adequately 'grounded' to the water.

Check the BoM website or visit the Queensland Government Disaster and Emergency and Alerts page for the latest storm advice.

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