Women in the driver's seat

Madam Wheels is great for every female car lover.

According to Holden executive director Geraldine Davys, 87% of women feel misunderstood by the automotive industry. If you’re part of that 87 percent, then the exclusively female Madam Wheels is all you need to find your next luxury drive.

Madam Wheels was founded by Australian Financial Review columnist and long-time car lover Jacquie Hayes. The company is exclusively for women in the market for a new car and focuses on putting the power and fun back into women’s hands when they’re dealing with cars.

“I love luxury cars and know many other women do, too,” Ms Hayes said.

“But they rarely get the chance to experience them properly because they’re reluctant to return to the car showroom where, in the past, they may have been patronised or treated with intimidation or aggression.” 

Hayes also hosts the Madam Wheels’ ladies only Drive Experience, which allows women to take a break from their everyday with a glamorous weekend of champagne, fine dining and an unforgettable drive through spectacular scenery in luxury cars.

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