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With our new Roadside Assistance App you can request help at the tap of a button. Download from the App Store or Google Play now.

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Request Roadside Assistance

Submit assistance requests directly through the app with no need to call unless it’s an emergency. The app then automatically detects your location using your phone’s GPS.^

Track the status of your job

Once your job has been logged, we’ll let you know approximately how long your patrol will take to arrive. Plus, you can track the status of your job at any time.*


Patrol request Roadside App


Patrol on way Roadside app


Track your patrol vehicle

See your patrol and track their location as they approach*

Arrive on 30mins average

It's our priority to reach you, fast.

With a 24/7 network and Queensland’s largest fleet of over 700 rescue vehicles, we are there when you need us most.

Patrol on way Roadside app

Track from multiple devices

Friends and family can easily track where you and your approaching patrol are. They can log in to the app on their own device with the tracking number provided or your membership card number.

Membership card Roadside app

Access your digital membership card

Your digital membership card gives you quick access to a range of great RACQ discounts. You can show your RACQ membership card at a participating retailer to receive discounts.


Don't have Roadside Assistance yet?

Don’t have Roadside Assistance yet?  Buy RACQ Roadside Assistance and access to a wide range of benefits.

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Available on the App Store download icon   Get it on Google Play download icon

^ Requires device with access to mobile data connection.
* Tracking available for select regions only
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