Ultimate RV

$99/yr in addition to RACQ Ultimate.

Perfect for drivers who own a motorhome or campervan.

You must have RACQ Ultimate before adding RV cover.

Call 13 1905 to sign up

Alternatively, visit an RACQ branch. Find a branch near you.

Vehicle eligibility

You must have an eligible RV, which means your vehicle must be within the dimensions outlined below:

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): up to 8 tonnes

Length: up to 8m

Height: up to 3.3m

Width: up to 2.5m

Additional restrictions may apply, see terms and conditions for full requirements of eligible RVs.

Call 13 1905 to sign up

Alternatively, visit an RACQ branch. Find RACQ branch near you.


If you currently hold RACQ Ultimate for another vehicle, you can purchase this product today with an eligible RV. If you don’t have RACQ Ultimate, you can purchase this when you sign up. Find out more about RACQ Ultimate.

I already have RACQ Ultimate*  $99/yr
I have another RACQ Roadside Assistance product* Price varies (upgrade to RACQ Ultimate will be pro rata based on your current Roadside product + $99/yr for RV cover)
I don’t have any RACQ Roadside Assistance $391/yr ($292/yr RACQ Ultimate Roadside Assistance + $99/yr for RV cover)

*The renewal period for your existing roadside assistance product will remain the same. Your RV upgrade cover will be valid for 12 months from the date of the purchase. Your renewal notices will be issued separately.

What's included

Local benefits

RV or personal cover? Cover for your RV, and any car you’re travelling inThis option covers the vehicle currently nominated, plus the member is covered in any Eligible Vehicle they are travelling in at the time of the breakdown.
Towing for your RV
Emergency fuel
Emergency locksmith
Heavy tyre changing service
Pet transport and accommodation
Rental vehicle
  • Up to 3 days / $330 p.a.
  • Up to $150 p.a.

Travel benefits

When you are 100km or more away from home and RACQ estimates your repairs will take longer than 24 hours, you may choose one of the following benefits:
Rental vehicle
Alternative transportation 

Travel benefits exclusions

Vehicle Recovery

Call 13 1905 to sign up

Or visit an RACQ branch. Find RACQ branch near you.