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The Streets Ahead Program

The Streets Ahead program is free to all Queensland primary schools and includes age-appropriate lessons on passenger, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Our Education Officers are qualified teachers who will enthuse and educate your students through a variety of teaching methods including demonstrations, interactive activities and meaningful discussions.

Our specially designed road mat gives Prep to year 2 the ability to learn correct road safety behaviours and practice crossing the road safely. For Years 3 - 6 students, our Education Officers will demonstrate the importance of responsible behaviours and safety equipment, like helmets and seatbelts, through engaging lessons.

Our Education Officers can also help teachers incorporate road safety education into their classrooms by providing activities for teachers to complement our programs. All Streets Ahead programs feature content appropriate for students from Prep to Year 6.

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Resource Packs

Our Education Team has developed a number of activities for Prep to Year 6 students to use with their parents and teachers:

Passenger safety

Passenger Safety

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Riding safety

Riding Safety

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Pedestrian safety

Pedestrian Safety

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Stop look listen song

Stop, Look, Listen and Think

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Video Resources

Navigate through our primary-aged, educational videos around road safety.

Stop, Look, Listen & Think

Safety Door

Slip, Clip, Clap!

The Two Finger Rule

School Bookings

Streets Ahead is a whole school program taught to Prep - Year 6.

Safe Pedestrian – Teaching children the ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ strategy when crossing the road.
Safe Playing – Educating children on choosing safe places to play that are not near the road or driveway.
Safe Passenger – Children learn to enter and exit the car using the ‘Safety Door’ (back passenger door) and to ‘Slip, Clip, Clap’ showing the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Safe Pedestrian – Students revise the strategy of ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ when crossing the road and choosing a safe place to cross.
Safe Cyclist – Children learn the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet and how to wear it correctly using the ‘Two Finger Rule’.
Safe Passenger – Students recognise what driver distraction is and learn strategies to become a safer passenger in the car.

Bike Safety – Students are shown demonstrations of the consequences of not wearing a helmet. Through demonstrations, students learn that helmets absorb energy and protect their heads, and other safety gear they need to wear.
Bike Maintenance – An engaging game educates students on how to maintain their bikes and safety features required on every bicycle.

Bike Safety - Through demonstrations, students learn that helmets absorb energy and protect their heads.
Seat Belt Safety – Students learn how seatbelts work and why their height is a critical factor in determining if they can sit in the front seat of a vehicle. 
Distractions – Students learn how their own behaviour can distract a driver and explore ways to reduce the risk of driver distraction.

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