How to report a road hazard or issue

There are several ways to report a road hazard or issue:

  • If you have broken down and require roadside assistance call RACQ on 13 1111
  • Call 13 1940 to report an incident/breakdown or something hazardous on the road (e.g., object on the road, debris, damaged road infrastructure)
  • If you would like RACQ to investigate a road hazard, you can submit an issue report, email with the location and nature of the hazard, or if you are unable to complete the form or email, call RACQ’s Public Policy Department on (07) 3872 8922 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
If the hazard relates to the activities of a person or group then please call the Queensland Police Service on 000. 

Have you seen an issue on the road?

We have access to various standards, signing manuals, traffic engineering guidelines, and road rules and can make recommendations on how a road hazard can be fixed. RACQ is committed to making Queensland roads safer by eliminating the road hazards and issues listed below.

This is a free service we provide to help create a safer road environment in Queensland. When a road issue is reported, an RACQ representative will inspect the site and report the situation to the appropriate road authority on your behalf.

Road issues can include:
  • Faded or confusing line markings
  • Inadequate signing
  • Trees blocking visibility at intersections
  • Poor road surface
  • Incorrect traffic signal timings at intersections
  • Inappropriate speed limits.

If you would like to provide feedback on signs at roadwork sites, complete the Department of Transport and Main Roads online form.