What you should do after a road accident


Follow this advice to help you deal with the aftermath of a road accident.

Two people exchange details after a road accident.

Being involved in a road accident can be a traumatic experience and shock can impact your ability to think clearly.

Be familiar with this information or save it for quick reference after a road crash.

Safety first

  • Stop your vehicle as soon as you find somewhere safe to do so and put on your hazard lights to warn other road users of the danger.
  • Check you and your passengers are OK.
  • Give assistance to anyone who may have been injured during the crash.

Emergency services

  • If anyone is injured or trapped call 000 immediately.
  • You should also call 000 if police are needed to direct traffic or deal with hazards; any of the drivers appear to be affected by alcohol or drugs; or someone involved has refused to exchange details.
  • If no vehicles require towing, leave the crash site after exchanging details.
  • Click here for more information from Queensland Police.

Exchanging details

  • Once everyone is safe, exchange details with the drivers and owners of the vehicles involved or any other person whose property is damaged, including name, address, phone number (email address if possible), vehicle registration number and description of the vehicle.
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicles and property, accident scene and the licence of any other drivers involved, if possible.
  • Confirm the time and location of the accident with other parties. It is recommended to not admit liability at the scene of the crash because this could have insurance implications.

If towing is required

  • If your car is not driveable, contact your insurer or a towing company of your choice to arrange for your vehicle to be towed. If you cannot arrange a tow and exhaust all other options call Policelink (131444).
  • After your vehicle has been removed and you have exchanged details,you can leave the crash site.
  • To assist with any insurance claims, you should then report the crash to Policelink as soon as possible either online, via the smart phone app or by calling Policelink on 131 444. You will be provided with a report number for any insurance claims.

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