Your right to choose a vehicle repairer

The complex technologies used in modern vehicles mean that repairers are more reliant on vehicle specific servicing, diagnostic and repair information. In many cases, without such information the repairer may simply be unable to properly carry out what was once considered routine maintenance and repair work. 

Vehicle owners and workshops not affiliated with the dealer network have for some time found it difficult to access this specialised information. Quite simply, many vehicle manufacturers won’t release the information or the dedicated diagnostic equipment needed to repair and service many models of cars.

This issue isn’t unique to Australia. It has already been encountered in Europe and the US where various resolutions have been adopted. 
  • The European Union legislated some time ago that vehicle manufacturers provide information (for a fee) to consumers and the independent repair industry. 
  • In the US, vehicle manufacturers have adopted a voluntary agreement to provide this information – again for a fee. 
While some manufacturers represented in Australia offer pay-per-view access to technical information, others don’t.

RACQ’s view is that motorists must have freedom of choice in who repairs their vehicle and that independent repairers must be able to access the necessary information, training, and service tools to undertake this work. 

Whatever the customer’s motivation for choosing a particular repairer, it is important they continue to have this choice to ensure a healthy and competitive marketplace.

RACQ actively campaigns on behalf of motorists and independent repairers for the right to access the information needed to maintain vehicles in a safe, roadworthy and reliable condition.

Our policy position on this issue explains more while our fact sheet on dealer v non-dealer servicing outlines the issues that need to be considered when choosing who will maintain your vehicle.