Got a flat car battery? We can come to you any time of the day or night to replace it.

Our mobile car battery replacement team can get to most areas of Queensland usually within the hour, and the great news for RACQ members with Roadside Assistance is that delivery and installation is included. Call us 24/7 on 13 1905.

  Members - with Roadside Assistance Members - without Roadside Assistance
Australia wide warranty
Get $25 off RRP
recycle up to 96% of your old battery
Mobile battery replacement service
Call out and installation fee applies
Delivery and installation
Call out and installation fee applies
48 hour satisfaction guarantee for roadside sales
Applicable with roadside sales

Not a member of RACQ? 

You can still use our mobile battery replacement service if you’re not an RACQ member. Please note that you may be subject to a non-member callout and installation fee.

Ready for a new battery? Call us on 13 1905. 

We recycle your flat battery

Car batteries contain hazardous lead and other metals, sulphuric acid and plastics. Up to 96% of these materials can be recyclable.
When RACQ replaces your battery, we take your old one to be recycled safely and in an environmentally friendly way. Here’s how the materials are re-used: 
  •  Lead ingots – these are refined to make international-standard soft alloy lead or alloys, and most of it is reused in new lead acid batteries
  •  Polypropylene pellets – these are used in the plastics manufacturing industry
  •  Sodium sulphate crystals – the high quality sodium sulphate is used to make detergents, while the acid can be mixed with lime to form Gypsum, which is used for plasterboard or in agriculture.

Only a small amount of waste goes into landfill or is used for road base. These steps are undertaken in accordance with accepted standards for recycling.
Battery Recycle

RACQ Batteries

At RACQ we offer a mobile battery replacement service 24/7 to your preferred location by simply calling 13 1905. Our batteries are covered by an Australia wide warranty, 48 hour satisfaction guarantee and we’ll recycle up to 96% of your old battery!

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Please read the RACQ battery terms and conditions.

Need roadside assistance? You can call us 24/7 from anywhere in Australia.