Why caring for your tyres is important

How often do you think about your tyres? If you’re like most motorists, you’ll hardly give them a second thought until you need a tyre replacement. With a little care you can extend the life of your tyres and improve your car performance, fuel consumption, safety and comfort on the road. We’ve got advice on repairing, replacing and caring for your tyres so you can drive further, for less.

Learn about tyres

We’ve got answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about car tyres.

How long do tyres last?

There’s no standard lifespan when it comes to car tyres, however the following factors can wear tyres faster:

  • High speed driving and cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Hard acceleration
  • Road surface – less abrasive surfaces like asphalt-rubber are better for your tyres
  • Climate – hot Queensland weather can wear tyres faster
  • Tyre design and material – very soft tyres wear quicker
  • Vehicle type

Choosing a car tyre to suit your driving can help you save money. If you often drive on wet roads you’ll get more wear and tyre safety with a chunkier tread that can disperse water. If you’re driving longer distances, a tyre with a firm grip will last longer, saving you money on tyre replacements.

When do I need a tyre replacement?

Queensland law dictates your tyre must have 1.5mm tread across the face of the tyre. Most tyres have tread-wear indicators so you can measure tyre tread yourself. When the wear bar is level with the tread blocks your tyre just reaches the minimum depth. While this is the minimum legal tread, you should get a tyre replacement well before you reach this.

A sure-fire way to tell you need a tyre replacement is if you see visible wear and tear, or your car vibrates while you drive. If you notice one of these signs, best get into a tyre dealer.

Can a tyre be too old?

Some experts believe a tyre should be replaced after 5 years, although this is not recognised by law. You can legally drive on a tyre that’s at an acceptable tread and is in good nick, regardless of its age. It’s important to remember tyres can wear down in hot climates. If your tyre is exposed to excessive heat, like the spare in your boot, it may reduce its lifespan, whether you’re driving on it or not.