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Read RACQ’s fact sheets, position statements and tips relating to fuels in Queensland

Want to know more about Queensland’s fuel market?

RACQ releases monthly and annual fuel price reports so you can view and compare trends in Brisbane and across Australian capital cities and regional areas.

You can also read the Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Factsheet for information on retail prices, availability, and the future of LPG.

RACQ successfully lobbied the State Government to implement a mandatory fuel price reporting trial for Queensland in 2018!

Biofuels in Queensland

Two types of BioFuels are commonly available in Queensland. These are ethanol-blended petrol and biodiesel. Ethanol-blended petrol, a blend of mineral petrol and ethanol (alcohol), has been available in Australia for more than 15 years. The most common blend - E10 (up to 10% ethanol and 90% mineral petrol) is widely available in Queensland. Biodiesel is a fuel designed for use in diesel engines made from vegetable or animal fats and oils. Biodiesel is chemically similar to mineral diesel fuel and blends of up to 5% can be sold in Australia without additional labelling.

RACQ supports the Queensland BioFuels Mandate, and the promotion and use of BioFuels as a way of reducing reliance of fossil/mineral fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving urban air quality. We are also committed to consumer choice and seek to ensure the Biofuels Mandate does not limit the opportunity for Queenslanders to buy 100% mineral petrol or ethanol-blended petrol.

Read the BioFuels and the Queensland BioFuels Mandate Factsheet.