• Callout fees (payable before tradie dispatched)
  • Arrival within 4 hours^ 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Up to the first hour to make safe and attempt repairs (where possible) per requested callout
  • 10 common Home Emergencies included
  • Competitive pricing and quotes on extra work if required
  • No waiting periods apply

10 Home Emergencies

Type of Home Emergency Definition
Blocked toilet, pipe or drain You have a blocked toilet, pipe or drain that has stopped the flow of water or is causing overflow or backup to the nearest outlet.
Burst pipe There is a burst pipe which is causing substantial water loss or water damage to your home.
Internal leaks You have noticed water leaking in your walls or ceiling. Please note: if the attending Tradesperson can’t safely access the source of the leak, they may need to reattend or a specialist referral may be required.
Broken tap A broken tap is causing substantial water loss or damage to your home (excludes dripping taps).
Broken or damaged hot water system Your hot water system isn’t working or is causing damage to your home due to a leak. You have a gas or electrical issue due to faulty components or inability to reignite the pilot light.
Gas leak There is a damaged gas pipe leaking inside or outside your home.
Power fault The power has gone out in all or part of your home (excludes area-wide blackouts).
Heating or cooling system not working You have a heating or cooling system that isn’t working due to gas or electrical problems, faulty components, or inability to reignite pilot light. Please note: a specialist referral may be required.
Broken or jammed internal or external door or window lock The safety and security of your home is threatened due to a damaged internal or external door or window lock (excludes glass replacement).
Locked out You have accidentally locked yourself out of your home or are unable to gain access.
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Locksmith

For assistance with your RACQ Home Quick Fix product, call 1800 466 334.

The fees set out above include basic materials only and are current as at 1 July 2020. Fees may vary without notice.

Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Service provided by RACQ’s contracted service provider Aizer Trade Services Pty Ltd, QBCC licence 15137712, electrical contractor licence 86177. Available in selected areas. Where applicable, follow-up work requires a separate contract with Aizer Trade Services Pty Ltd. RACQ accepts no responsibility for this follow-up work. ^While not guaranteed, RACQ’s Service Provider will endeavour for a licensed tradesperson to arrive within 4 hours.