How to make a claim

We are here to help you with making a claim in a fast and efficient way. Simply select your category below:

For life threating emergencies call 000 first.

Step 1

Check your insurance policy

Read your Certificate of Insurance and the associated Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and any applicable Supplementary PDS to see what you're entitled to claim.

Step 2

Collect the required information

  • Your RACQ policy number
  • Your vehicle registration number, make and model - and that of anyone else involved
  • The date and details of the incident
  • A Police Report Number (if applicable)
  • The drivers licence number, expiry, type and class
  • Residential address of you and anyone else involved in the incident
  • Contact details of any witnesses or other people involved
  • Details of any towing company used
  • Your paid invoices
Step 3

Lodge your claim

We’ve got two easy ways you can lodge your RACQ Boat or Caravan Insurance claim:

1. Phone

Call us on 13 7202 and we'll lodge your boat or caravan insurance claim over the phone.

2. In-branch

Visit your local RACQ branch. Make sure you have the required information mentioned above in Step 2 so we can lodge your claim as quickly as possible.

Step 4

Let us guide you through the process

  • If your boat has been involved in an accident on the water you should file a Marine Incident Report with Maritime Safety Queensland within 48 hours.