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Existing members with Roadside Assistance

If you need emergency roadside assistance now, request help online and get back on the road faster. Call us on 13 1111 if you are in a critical situation where: 

  1. A person or animal is locked in your car, or
  2. Your car is in a dangerous location.

New Customers

Sign up and get help now. If you don't have Roadside Assistance and decide to purchase at the time of breakdown or when you need immediate assistance, we can still help you. You need to pay an immediate service fee in addition to the product annual subscription fee. Credit or debit card required.

Stay safe when you've broken down

You’ve got reassurance a patrol is on their way, now just sit tight and stay safe until we arrive.

What to do when your vehicle’s broken down

Follow these helpful tips after a breakdown to get yourself back on the move as fast as possible.

  • If you’re staying in the car, keep your seatbelt on
  • If you’re outside the car, keep away from the road and stay behind the roadside barrier
  • Don’t try and fix your car, wait for an RACQ patrol or tow truck
  • Find a breakdown bay or park as far to the left side of the road as you can
  • Turn on your hazard lights
  • Turn on your parking lights

Important information

^ Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply, including vehicle weight, height and length limits – See our Roadside Assistance terms and conditions or download our brochure.