MicroDot technology is a highly effective form of vehicle marking.

MicroDot technology is a very effective form of Whole of Vehicle Marking. It involves spraying thousands of the small dots laser etched with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), throughout the vehicle. As the dots are less than 1mm in diameter it is impossible to locate and remove them all, so no matter how well it’s disguised, the car’s true identity can always be established. 

The dots, which are less than 1 mm across, are carried in an adhesive that fluoresces under UV light. It’s a simple matter then to identify a treated area and recover one of the dots for viewing under a special magnifier, which reveals the dot’s number.

Because the dots are spread throughout the vehicle, it is impossible to find and remove every one. This makes it very difficult for a car thief to conceal the vehicle’s true identity. It also allows usually untraceable parts to be linked to a particular vehicle, thereby aiding in the recovery of stolen components.

Several vehicle manufacturers use microdots to enhance the security of their vehicles. They can also be added later, though the aftermarket system uses a Personal Identity Number rather than the vehicle’s VIN.

MicroDots can be used to secure equipment, tools, and household items. They have also been successfully used to secure plants in public gardens against theft.

MicroDots are effective against professional car thieves and those stealing to profit from the vehicle. 

However, to guard against opportunist thieves, a quality vehicle immobiliser should also be fitted. See our information sheet on Vehicle Security for more information.

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