Put the wrong fuel in your car? Don’t panic – our Fuel Assist team are here to help.

Using the wrong fuel is a common and potentially expensive mistake to make. When this happens remember to stop, don’t drive, and call RACQ Fuel Assist.

Our team are experienced misfuelling specialists offering a mobile fuel draining service in South East Queensland.

Call RACQ Fuel Assist - 1800 946 677, 7 days a week

Misfueled your Vehicle?

If you’ve put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle, don’t turn the key, as this will circulate the wrong fuel through the entire fuel system, even without starting the engine.

The extent of the work required to rectify a misfueled vehicle needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Typically, most vehicles only require an extraction and flush of the vehicles fuel system to get the vehicle going again. However, there are many factors which can alter the outcome depending on the engine condition, age, type of fuel and if the engine has been started or not.

Filled up with the Incorrect rated octane?

Using a high-octane fuel in a vehicle that only requires normal unleaded petrol (ULP) will not cause any issues to the vehicle. At worst it will only hurt your hip pocket.

Using a lower rated ULP in a vehicle specified for a high-octane fuel may damage the engine. Depending on the type of vehicle, some vehicles specified for high-octane fuels will operate with reduced power and economy, so it is important to check the required fuel specification in the owner’s handbook to avoid extensive damage.

Rectification is dependent on the extent of damage, but in most cases the only action needed will be to drain the tank and add the correct fuel.

Contaminated Fuel?

Contaminated fuel can do damage to the vehicles fuel system and at worst engine damage. Typically fuel contamination is limited to water, which could have been found its way into the tanks at the service station or condensation build up in the vehicles fuel tank. Water in fuel also has the potential to grow algae or bacteria. Removal of the fuel and an algae treatment of the fuel system is required.

What to do when you use the wrong fuel:

1. If you realise before you have started driving, remove the key from the ignition. This will prevent the accidental circulation of the fuel.

2. If you realise after you’ve started driving, stop in a safe place as soon as you can.

3. Turn off your car and remove the key

4. Call RACQ Fuel Assist - 1800 946 677, 7 days a week

5. Wait for RACQ Fuel Assist to attend

Why use RACQ Fuel Assist?

  • Mobile service – we come to you*
  • Operating same-day services (where available)
  • Save time and money on unnecessary engine repairs and towing
  • All recovered fuels are recycled
  • Dedicated call centre

*Service is only available in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast (to Maroochydore) regions.

Need to get back up and running after a mis-fuel? 

Call 1800 946 677 to speak with our RACQ Fuel Assist team.

For more information, see the RACQ Fuel Assist terms and conditions.

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