Petrol or diesel in the wrong car? Don't worry, we’ve got the only mobile fuel draining service in Queensland.

Using the wrong fuel is a common and potentially expensive mistake to make. When this happens remember to stop, don’t drive, and call RACQ Fuel Assist.Our team are experienced roadside specialists offering the only mobile fuel draining service in Queensland. We don’t rely on towing or costly engine repairs. We come direct to you when and where you need us most.

What to do when you use the wrong fuel:

  1. Stop driving
    As soon as you realise – stop and don’t drive anywhere.
  2. Turn off your car
    Avoid circulating the wrong fuel, damaging your engine.
  3. Call RACQ Fuel Assist
    1800 946 677, 7 days a week.
  4. Wait for assistance
    We’ll be with you ASAP.

Why use RACQ Fuel Assist?

  • Mobile service – we come to you
  • Operating same-day services, 7 days a week
  • Save time and money on unnecessary engine repairs and towing
  • All recovered fuels are recycle
  • Dedicated call-centre

Need to get back up and running after a mis-fuel? 

Call 1800 946 677 to speak with our RACQ Fuel Assist team.

For more information, see the RACQ Fuel Assist terms and conditions.

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