About the program

RACQ's free2go program is designed for 16 to 19 year old Queenslanders to help take on life’s adventures including gaining a licence, buying your first car, and travelling in Australia and abroad. Free2go provides exclusive offers and access to RACQ membership benefits and services.

The free2go program runs for up to four years giving members access to a stack of benefits, including:
  • an approved online logbook
  • free and discounted roadside assistance
  • free L & P plates
  • access to discounts and competitions
  • discounted travel insurance.

What you get as a free2go member

New members can join the program at any stage over a four year period – the earlier you join, the more benefits you can access. 

Depending on when you join, you can be a member of the free2go program for up to four years. Listed below are the benefits that are available in each year of the program. As you complete each year of the program, you automatically progress to the next stage.

16 year olds and Year 11 students

17 year olds and Year 12 students

  • One year of personalised roadside assistance for free - which means you'll receive Roadside when driving your own car or one that belongs to friends of family.
  • Access to the free2go program benefits.

18 year olds not in Year 12

  • Roadside assistance on a nominated vehicle for two years at half the normal price.
  • Access to the free2go program benefits.

19 year olds not in Year 12

  • Roadside assistance on a nominated vehicle for one year at half the normal price.
  • Access to the free2go program benefits.
For more information, visit the free2go website

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Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty discounts are applicable to members with RACQ Roadside, Roadside Extra, Plus Care, Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate.  These discounts are not applicable to members with RACQ Business Roadside and Business Plus Care.

Waiting Period

  • There is a 24-hour waiting period for RACQ Roadside Assistance following the processing and approval of RACQ applications.
  • There is a 72-hour waiting period for Plus Care, Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate benefits following the processing and approval of RACQ applications for these options.
  • Benefits do not apply to any incident occurring within these waiting periods.
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of your product pack following approval of your application.

Vehicle Weight Limits

Limited Services apply for vehicles where the weight of the Nominated Vehicle exceeds 3.0 tonnes GVM loaded or unloaded and/or where the length exceeds 5.5 metres (18 feet) in length and 2.3 metres (7.5 feet) in width or 2.0 metres in height.  Services are limited as follows:

• No towing entitlement. RACQ will endeavour to arrange towing subject to availability of a tow truck, this will be at the members expense.  
• Batteries cannot be serviced or fitted to motor homes where there is limited access to the battery or substantial removal of vehicle panels is required
• Jump starts may be provided, up to 24-volt boost start only, providing only one battery is unserviceable
• Lockout assistance may be limited for some light commercial vehicles
• Wheel changing assistance may be provided if the vehicle’s jack and wheel nut spanner are provided. Where the weight of the wheel and tyre assembly is beyond the safe lifting capacity of a single person, a service fee for additional assistance may be charged.

Note:  The decision as to whether services can be provided will be at the discretion of the RACQ consultant or the attending RACQ representative.

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