Type of jobs

Our people contribute to a range of business operations from automotive and customer focused roles, to professional and managerial roles. See where you could fit in at RACQ:

Operations - Motoring Trades and Sales and Service

Sales and Distribution
Our Customer Service departments are responsible for delivering a diverse network across all of our customer interaction points.

The team is made up of:
  • Branch Sales Consultants  
  • Telephone Sales Consultants 
  • Service Consultants 
  • Team Managers and Supervisors
  • Network Support Analysts
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Motoring Services
Our Motoring Services team delivers professional, consistent, leading edge automotive related services across Queensland. 

The team is made up of:
  • Road Service Patrol Officers 
  • Vehicle Recovery Officers 
  • Technical Trainers
  • Technical Advisors
  • Vehicle Inspectors 
  • Technical Customer Service Officers
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Lifestyle and Leisure
Our Lifestyle and Leisure division incorporates travel, tourism and entertainment, and personal finance business units.
The team is made up of:
  • Travel Consultants
  • Product Coordinators
  • Tourism Information Officers
  • Entertainment Officers
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Corporate Services

Our Marketing division is responsible for brand and marketing activities and they ensure we’re appropriately positioned in the market.

The team is made up of:
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Strategy & Marketing Analysts
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Our Finance division co-ordinates RACQ financial activities and ensures all financial information is in accordance with corporations law, applicable accounting standards and mandatory professional requirements.

The team is made up of:
  • Accountants
  • Payroll Officers
  • Stores Clerks 
  • Purchasing Clerks
  • Research Coordinators
  • Senior Investment Officers
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Group Risk & Compliance
Our Group Risk & Compliance division is responsible for the legal, risk, WH&S and audit activities in the RACQ Group. This division helps RACQ achieve its corporate objectives by providing quality advice and assistance to internal business units and members.

The team is made up of: 
  • Corporate Lawyers 
  • Internal Auditors 
  • Risk and Compliance Managers
  • Security Administrators
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Human Resources 
Our Human Resources division promotes productive working environments for all employees. We cover five different areas: Human Resources Operations, Remuneration and Systems, Industrial Relations, Talent Acquisitions and Organisational Development.

The team is made up of: 
  • Human Resources Business Consultants  
  • Learning & Development Consultants 
  • Industrial Relations Consultants 
  • HRIS Officers
  • Recruitment Account Managers
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The Advocacy Division promotes the interests of RACQ members and Queensland motorists generally and coordinates media coverage, corporate events community sponsorships and internal communications.  We are responsible for public policy formulation, relations with government, industry and other stakeholders, school road safety programs, and publication of Queensland’s largest circulation magazine The Road Ahead.

Some of the roles that exist in this team are:
  • Sponsorship and Events Manager 
  • Policy Development Officer 
  • Engineer 
  • Road Safety Education Officer 
  • Research Officer
  • Journalist
  • Media Advisor
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Our Technology division provides cost effective Information Services Infrastructure and End User IT support to the RACQ Group.

The team is made up of: 
  • Field Engineers
  • Service Centre Agent (Helpdesk)
  • Developer
  • Testing Officers
  • Voice Engineers
  • Applications Support Engineers
  • Digital Designer
  • Project Manager
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Product and Pricing
The Sales and Product division designs and delivers general insurance products that are innovative and cost-effective in satisfying customers' needs and stakeholders’ requirements.

The team is made up of:
  • Manual Underwriting Support Officers 
  • Pricing and Product Analysts 
  • Communications Managers
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Personal Insurance Claims
The Personal Insurance Claims division serves customers by delivering claims services that are innovative and cost-effective in satisfying customers' needs and stakeholders’ requirements.

The team is made up of:
  • Claims Customer Service Officers 
  • Motor Vehicle Assessors 
  • Investigators 
  • Workforce Planners 
  • Team Manager/Supervisors
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Compulsory Third Party Claims
The Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Claims division provides peace of mind and protection against unexpected financial loss to customers following motor vehicle accidents.

The team is made up of:
  • Claims Management Officers
  • Technical Claims Management Officers
  • CTP Claims Investigators
  • Rehabilitation Services Advisors
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Performance Improvement
The Performance Improvement division delivers quality customer focussed advice, support and services on behalf of RACQ in a collaborative, controlled and professional manner.

The team is made up of:
  • Training Officers 
  • Quality Assurance Officers 
  • Application Development & Support Officers
  • Project Manager
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Corporate and Financial Services
The Corporate and Financial Services division supports operational and regulatory requirements facilitating effective decision-making across the organisation through financial and risk leadership.

The team is made up of:
  • Accountant Accounts 
  • Payable Officer 
  • Corporate Fraud Manager 
  • Business Analyst
  • Actuaries
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