Deposit Rate Schedule

Interest rates are on a per annum basis and are current as at 23 June 2020. Interest rates are subject to change.

Everyday Account

Account Rate
Everyday Account 0%

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Advantage Plus Account - Minimum balance $2,000

Amount Rate
Up to $46,600 0.35% p.a.
$46,601 and over 1.30% p.a.

Interest is calculated on daily balances on a stepped basis and paid quarterly.

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eSave Account

Amount Rate
Up to $4,999 0%
$5,000 to $249,999 0.50% p.a.
$250,000 and over 0.55% p.a.

Interest is calculated on daily balances and paid monthly. The rate applies to the whole balance.

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Bonus Saver Account

Amount Rate Bonus Rate
Up to $1,999 0.01% p.a. 0.05% p.a.
$2,000 and over 0.05% p.a. 0.10% p.a.

Conditions: Bonus rate interest is paid if a deposit of at least $1.00 is made to the account during the same calendar month and no more than one debit transaction is made on the account during a calendar month. Interest is calculated daily on whole balances and paid monthly. Bonus Rate quoted includes Base Rate.

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Term deposits

Invest as little as $1,000. For the rates shown below, interest is paid at maturity or annually if terms exceeds 12 months. Different rates apply for interest paid monthly. Rates for monthly interest and deposits over $1 million are available on request. 

Term Rate
1 month 1.00% p.a.
2 month 1.00% p.a.
3 month 1.20% p.a.
4 month 1.10% p.a.
5 month 1.10% p.a.
6 month 1.20% p.a.
7 month 1.10% p.a.
8 month 1.10% p.a.
9 month 1.10% p.a.
10 month 1.10% p.a.
11 month 1.10% p.a.
1 year 1.15% p.a.
2 year 1.00% p.a.
3 year 1.00% p.a.
4 year 1.00% p.a.
5 year 1.00% p.a.
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