How to make a claim

At RACQ we always put our members first. That’s why it’s quick and easy to make a health insurance claim with us. With RACQ Health Insurance you can claim instantly through your health care provider, online or by post. When getting fast benefits from your insurance provider matters, you can trust RACQ.

For life threatening emergencies call 000.

Step 1

Check your cover

Before you make a claim check your policy hasn’t lapsed, you’ve served all your waiting periods and ensure you have a benefit for the service you’re claiming. You can check your benefits on the Product Fact Sheet or by calling us on 137 202.

Step 2

Check your provider

To make a claim on your health insurance policy you’ll need to have seen a recognised healthcare provider. It’s a good idea to contact us before you start treatment and get a benefit estimate which will confirm what’s payable on your policy.

Step 3

Lodge a claim

You can lodge a claim with us a number of ways. The quickest, easiest way is to make an instantaneous claim through your healthcare provider. Alternatively, you can claim online or by post. No matter how you lodge your health insurance claim, we’ll work to approve it as fast as we can.


If you have hospital with extras cover and your health provider uses HICAPS, you can use your health care card to claim electronically on the spot.

Simply hand your card to your provider and they’ll process your claim in seconds. Then you’ll just need pay any difference.


Our RACQ Health Insurance portal is fully equipped to handle most extras claims. Simply log in and head to the claims section.

To use online claiming you’ll need to:

  • have registered to use our RACQ Health Insurance Portal
  • agree to our terms and conditions. This includes keeping receipts for two years
  • have covered the costs with your provider
  • make your claim within two months of getting treatment
  • upload your receipt to our portal.

By post

There’s a couple of ways you can make a health insurance claim by post. Either:

a) fill out a claim form and post it directly to us with your itemised receipt and/or account

b) lodge your medical claim at your local Medicare office and they’ll forward it to us to process.

Always supply us with a completed claim form and an itemised account or, if you have paid the account, the original itemised receipt.