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Our State is facing tough times and there’s no doubt the COVID-19 health crisis is having a far-reaching impact on the world, including right across Queensland. However, our State is no stranger to a crisis and we’re ready to respond to this. We have a long history of helping Queenslanders in tough times, and this is no different. This situation is evolving day-by-day, and we’re doing whatever we can to ensure we’re here for you from the side of the road, to meet your banking needs or to process your insurance claim.

How we’re responding

We’ve planned for a pandemic for some time and have a detailed and flexible Pandemic Response Plan in place. This plan will ensure our business can continue operating and supporting Queenslanders throughout, and beyond, a crisis like this. We've proactively stood up a Crisis Management Team (CMT) several weeks ago to ensure we’re in a good place to respond to any new advice from Government or medical authorities.

We’re working closely with State and Federal Governments to ensure we have the resources to support our community in the safest way possible and have the most up-to-date information.

Our team is ready

To ensure our critical staff can continue their work, we have enabled a portion of our team to work from home. This means our call centre can continue to meet demand and your next call to us might just be answered by somebody sitting in their home office.

Our retail stores in Greater Brisbane are staying open. These services are considered essential and we have sufficient measures in place to protect employees and members. All retail staff will wear masks as per instructions from Queensland Health.

Our Roadside Patrols will still be out on the roads keeping Queenslanders safe; however, we've made changes to our job process. When you call for assistance, you’ll be asked to say whether you have been unwell, overseas, or tested for COVID-19. This will help us keep our team and other Queenslanders safe by reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

As at 6pm Friday 8 January 2021 until at least 6pm Monday 11 January 2021 the latest lockdown requirements for the Greater Brisbane area have meant changes to our towing capacity. Whilst we can tow vehicles within the Greater Brisbane area, we are unable to tow vehicles into or out of the designated Greater Brisbane area, while these restrictions remain in place. Autoglass replacement stores in the Greater Brisbane area will close, however are available to service any emergency glass replacement needs. Our vehicle inspection services in the Greater Brisbane area will also close.

To help stop the spread of this virus, we will be standing down our insurance builders and tradespeople working in the Greater Brisbane region. Where emergency insurance repairs are required, we will complete these works.

For banking and claims support, we have our team available to answer calls during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 7am to 9:30pm

Saturday: 8am to 8pm

Sunday: 8am to 5pm

If you need support and call outside of the listed hours, your call will be directed to our contact centre and night operations consultants who will complete a call-back request and our banking and claims support team will return your call during opening hours.

If your insurance claim requires an assessor to visit, please call and let us know if you have been unwell, overseas or tested for COVID-19. We can still proceed with your claim and may conduct a virtual assessment.

For any general enquiries related to RACQ services, please call us on 13 1905

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