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Banking security FAQs

Yes. Our Internet Banking platform uses world-class https encryption; Transport Layer Security (TLS); 2FA, 2-step verification to ensure your transfers are secure; and the security of automatic session logouts. 

To help bolster your own security online, we recommend you ensure to:

  • Manually log out after each session;
  • Never save your login details on a shared computer;
  • Clear cookies after each session;
  • Never share your Internet Banking details.

Yes. RACQ Bank requires your Bank ID and password to log in; SMS security to ensure your sessions are secure; and the security of automatic session logouts. Additionally, the app is protected by world-class https encryption.

ADIs are banks licensed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to lend monies that are guaranteed by federal government to refund the money should the bank default. This means your money is government-guaranteed, giving our members extra peace of mind their money is safe with RACQ Bank.

You can change your contact details including your phone number, mobile number, email, mailing or residential address by contacting us on 13 1905 or visiting your local RACQ Bank branch.

RACQ Bank suggests you change your card PIN anytime you know or suspect it has been used fraudulently. For your own security, keep your card and PIN safe by always keeping your PIN in a secure place; carrying your PIN and card separately; and calling us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. Download our PIN and pass code security guide for more information on how to keep your card, PIN and transactions secure.

For Visa Debit and rediCARD PIN services, call us on 13 1905 or drop into your nearest RACQ Bank Branch.

Yes. These transactions work just the same as regular EFTPOS payments, with the convenience of not requiring you to enter your PIN. Digital wallet transactions require various authentication methods to verify your identity before proceeding with payment, and payWave transactions are capped at $100. 

For your own security, we advise you always keep your payWave-enabled card and digital wallet in your possession; never carry your PIN and card together; always verify the amount before, and ask for a receipt after, tapping your payment; and do not allow anyone else to use your digital wallet or payWave-enabled card.

Card clash occurs when two or more contactless payment methods are stored in close proximity to each other and the wrong card or device is inadvertently charged at payment. This can most commonly occur through tapping your wallet, purse or mobile phone on a card reader that also stores multiple contactless cards, or by holding your wallet or purse in your hand while paying using your mobile digital wallet.

RACQ Bank advises to take care when making payWave or digital wallet (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) payments to ensure no other contactless card or digital-wallet-enabled device come near the reader.

For internet banking, you can opt to receive Push Notifications instead of a one time Password to authorise your transactions. For mobile banking, you can opt to use your app PIN or fingerprint instead of a one time Password to authorise your transactions. For both case, you will need to register your mobile device using the "Manage My Devices" option under the Profile icon in the mobile app.
If you're travelling overseas and taking your mobile phone with you, you'll still be able to use mobile banking and receive your one-time-password for transactions. If you're using an international mobile number we won't be able to send you your one-time password to this number. If you're not taking your mobile phone with you just call us on 13 1905 before you go and we'll make other arrangements for you. Please note international roaming charges may apply if you receive an SMS while you're overseas.
For your security, you'll only be able to receive your one-time-password or two-factor authentication through your mobile phone or your email address. We recommend using your mobile phone number as your nominated two-factor authentication method, however you can also register your device through the mobile banking app and use push notifications to authorise your transactions. If you'd like to change your two-factor authentication to email please contact us on 13 1905 or visit your closest RACQ branch and we'll arrange this for you.

We recommend changing your banking password periodically to increase your security online. You can change your password online through internet banking or in the mobile app. If you’ve forgotten your password you'll be able to log in to internet banking using your Debit Card and PIN and then you'll be able to set a new online banking password. If you don’t have your card handy, just call us on 13 1905 and we'll reset your password over the phone.

If you lose your card or your card is stolen, login to internet banking immediately to temporarily block your card. This can be done under "Card options". To block your card we'll send out a one-time-password to your nominated device. If you've lost your mobile phone you can call us on +61 (07) 3845 4851 and we'll block your card for you.

To keep you safe online your internet or mobile banking password needs to meet certain security requirements. Please choose a password that is a minimum of 8 characters, up to a maximum of 20. Your password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character. If you've registered your mobile device you can log in with a PIN or use biometric security such as fingerprint or Face ID. To change your password online just visit internet banking and navigate to "Profile">"Change my password">enter your old password and then new password, confirm your new password and then click on "Change password".

To update your password in our mobile app click on "User">"Password change", enter your old password, your new password and then confirm your new password.

You can download our free RACQ Bank app for your Android and Apple Device through Google Play and the App Store.

If you need to block, temporarily disable or enable your card just log in to online banking. Navigate to ""Card options"" through internet banking or the mobile banking app to manage your cards. Alternatively, you can call us on 13 1905 or +61 (0) 7 3845 4851 from overseas and one of our friendly team members will block your card for you.

To increase your online security we recommend using your mobile phone for two-factor authentication. Under certain circumstances you may be able to use your email instead. If you don't have a mobile phone, reception in your area is poor, or you'll be overseas just contact us on 13 1905 or +61 (0) 7 3845 4851 to make alternative arrangements.

If you've forgotten your username or password simply go to the internet banking or mobile banking login screen. Click on "Forgot your Bank ID or Password", enter your Debit Card and PIN and click on "Submit".

If you don't have your Debit Card handy just call us on 13 1905 and we'll reset your password for you.

You can change the PIN for your debit card online through both internet banking and the RACQ Bank app.

  • Internet banking: Log in to your account, click on your debit card number, go to ‘Card options’ and select ‘Modify card PIN’.
  • RACQ Bank app: Log in, tap your debit card number, tap the settings icon (upper right hand) and select ‘Modify card PIN’.

Alternatively, please visit our branch locator and select ‘Banking’ to find your nearest RACQ Bank branch, or contact us on 13 1905.

To log in to mobile banking using biometric ID or a PIN you'll need to first register your device. To do this, just log in to mobile banking and select "Manage my devices". From here you can register the device you're currently using. To allow PIN log in, please select from the available security options including (a) Fingerprint, (b) Fingerprint or PIN, (C) PIN. Now you can log in to mobile banking using this new method.

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Mortgage Saver is only available for new lending to RACQ Bank. Customers with an existing home loan can switch to Mortgage Saver with a minimum $20,000 in additional new lending.

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