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Make a payment or transfer

Funds transfer times vary depending on the method, to whom and where you are sending the money to. 

Transfers can be made via:

  • Internet Banking,
  • the RACQ Bank app,
  • in-branch or;
  • over the phone. 

All transfers made between your RACQ Bank accounts are instant; transfers to other Australian bank accounts using Internet Banking, the app, in-branch or over the phone should occur between 2 – 3 business days, however these time frames can vary.

International transfer times depend on the location and banking practices of the destination account.  A bank draft – a transfer method offered only in-branch – usually takes up to 2 business days.

For more information regarding transfer times, drop into an RACQ Bank branch or phone 13 1905.

You can see all transfers you've made through mobile or internet banking. Just log in to your preferred online banking platform and check your transaction history.

Check out our Inward Payments Form. Here you will find all the information required to complete your transfer overseas.

All transactions made on weekends, public holidays or after 5 p.m. Friday will be processed the following business day.

Visa payWave is a contactless method of payment for purchases under $100. The technology built into your payWave-enabled Visa card allows you to pay quickly and conveniently by waving your card over a secure contactless terminal without having to enter your PIN.

For purchases over $100, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.

Visa payWave cards carry the same layers of security as any other Visa chip card, including Visa’s Zero Liability, which ensures Visa cardholders are protected from unauthorised transactions. Furthermore, Visa payWave terminals are designed to only make one transaction at a time per card. Each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

Any participating retailer or ATM that displays the contactless symbol can accept payWave payments.

Default daily limits are set at $10,000 for external transfers, $20,000 for BPAY® and $1,000 for PayID payments. To help you manage your money easier, there's no transfer limit between your own RACQ Bank accounts.

Currently, the RACQ Bank mobile app does not support international money transfers. For information on how to transfer money internationally using RACQ Bank, visit our International Services Sending Money page.

If your cheque is not yet banked and you’ve made alternate payment arrangements, you can stop a single cheque or a group of cheques online without having to contact us. Just log in to internet banking and navigate to "Cheque stop payment" under the "My money" menu option.

You can set your date range to schedule 8 years of future dated transactions. You can schedule one-off BPAY® payments no more than a year in advance and schedule recurring BPAY® payments beyond a year.

Single BPAY® payments can be scheduled one year from the current date and time. You can schedule recurring BPAY® payments for up to 8 years from the current date and time.

Transactions from the past 30 days are shown by default on the RACQ Bank online banking platforms. If you like, you can view transactions from the past 8 years simply by selecting 'Search' and changing the date range. You can view past transactions up to 12 months at a time.

You can transfer money online via internet banking or the mobile banking app. Log in to your preferred online banking platform using your Bank ID and password. Click on "Transfers and Payments" and select the payment type. From here you can complete a domestic payment (to payee or PayID), pay a biller (BPAY®) or make transfers between your accounts. Once you’ve entered the amount you wish to pay, click "Submit" and follow the review and authorisation process to complete your transfer.

You can schedule transfers online through internet and mobile banking app. Just create a payment by choosing the account, amount, date/s and biller.

A template is a saved transaction with a payee or biller which you can re-use to complete new payments/transfers from the same accounts to the same payees / billers

You can add payee details (including PayIDs) by navigating to "Payment/Transfer" and then "Manage payee" on your internet banking platform. You can also add payee / PayID details as a template either directly under "Manage billers & templates" or saving biller details as a template after completing a transfer.

You can view saved payees (including PayIDs) in internet banking by navigating to "Payment/Transfers">"Manage payee". Saved billers are visible under "Payment/Transfers">"Manage Billers and Templates".

You can also view these in the mobile app under "Transfers">"Address book".

Transfer limits are calculated on the day that you create the schedule, not the day that it is scheduled for. This means if you've created scheduled payments for a future date, this will reduce the amount that you can transfer today. If you've hit your daily limit you can contact us on 13 1905 to increase your daily limit or wait until the next day to transfer more funds.

BPAY® View is not available on the RACQ Bank mobile and internet banking system. If you've previously used BPAY® View please contact your suppliers and make arrangements to receive your bills in another way. When you receive a bill, you can still pay via BPAY®.

You can link your debit card to Google Pay by opening Google Pay, taking a photo of your card and following the steps to register your card. After you've registered your card you can pay using your Android device.

You can set your date range to see transactions from the past 8 years.
If you would like to cancel your direct debit, contact us on 13 1905 and we will process the cancellation. We recommend you also notify your biller of the cancellation as your commitments to them will not change by cancelling your direct debit with us.
If you would like to cancel direct debits made through debit cards, contact us on 13 1905. There may be instances when a direct debit set up against a card cannot be cancelled with the biller. If this is the case, the existing debit card will be cancelled and a new one will be ordered for you.
Your biller may be able to assist with cancelling or deferring a single instalment from a direct debit arrangement. Should you contact RACQ Bank to cancel or defer a single instalment, the entire direct debit arrangement will be cancelled and you will need to contact your biller to organise a new direct debit arrangement.


You can create your own PayID easily online through both internet and mobile banking. To create a PayID in internet banking simply log in to internet banking, go to "Payment/Transfers">"Register PayID" and then select the PayID of your choice.

For mobile banking, just log in to mobile banking and then click on "User" and then "Register PayID". From here you can select the PayID you would like to use.

You can register a PayID by selecting "Register a PayID" in either internet banking or the mobile banking app. From here you can choose to register the mobile number or email address we have on file for you and link it to your preferred transaction account.

Your PayID is created from the details we hold on file for you. If the information we hold is incorrect please get in touch with us on 13 1905 and we'll update your details for you. Your nominated phone number or email address can only be linked to one account with PayID. This means if you've already registered for a PayID with a phone number or email address you can't create another one with these details until you de-register your PayID from the other account. You can create your unique PayID using a phone number (which may include landline, mobile and international numbers) or your email address.
Your PayID can be given to others so they can make payments into your account via the New Payment Platform (NPP).

You can also use someone else's PayID to make payments through mobile or internet banking if their banking platform supports this feature. PayID is also supported by a large and growing list of Financial Institutions.

A PayID is used for payments made via the New Payments Platform (NPP). Your PayID links your bank account to a recognisable and memorable piece of information, like your mobile phone number or email address. After you register for a PayID you can receive payments by handing out your mobile number or email address to payees, rather than giving out your bank account details. PayID payments are processed almost instantly, meaning there's no need to wait for funds to clear when making or receiving payments.

There are 3 great reasons to get a PayID.

1. Fast: Payments are processed almost straightaway, 24/7. That means there's no need to wait days for your payments to clear, even over the weekend. 
2. Easy: No more BSBs or account numbers to remember. Just use your mobile phone number or email address to identify your account. 
3. Secure: Payments use the same security as internet banking. Plus, you’ll get confirmation of all money sent or received. 

Your PayID can be locked for a number of reasons including if there's suspicious activity relating to the use of your PayID or if your PayID hasn't been used for 10 years. If your PayID is locked please contact us on 13 19 05 or visit your nearest RACQ Bank branch.
If you're not receiving your payments, please check your PayID details and confirm with the payee they have your correct details. If the details are correct and you're still not receiving payments, please get in touch with us on 13 19 05.
You can see the account your PayID is linked to through internet or mobile banking. You can see this information if you visit "Online activity" and search for the PayID cyber receipt from when it was created. Alternatively, you can call us on 13 19 05 and we can provide this information for you. 
Your PayID name is automatically generated by the information we have on file for you. Please get in contact with us on 13 1905 or visit your nearest local RACQ Branch to change it
Your PayID name is created from the the details we hold on file for you. If your PayID name is incorrect, please get in touch with us on 13 19 05.
Only phone numbers and email addresses registered to you can be used as your PayID. To register a different PayID please update your contact details with us. You can call us 24/7, 365 days a year on 13 1905 to update your details.

Access your account

For internet banking, you can opt to receive Push Notifications instead of a one time Password to authorise your transactions. For mobile banking, you can opt to use your app PIN or fingerprint instead of a one time Password to authorise your transactions. For both case, you will need to register your mobile device using the "Manage my Devices" option under the Users icon in the mobile app.

Manage your account

You can change your daily limits through online banking. Just navigate to "Self-management" > "Daily limit self management", click on "Define my own limits" and enter the amount of your choice. There's a maximum transfer limit so if you need to transfer above this amount just come into your local RACQ Bank branch or call us on 13 1905 so we can temporarily increase your limit.

If you're travelling overseas and taking your mobile phone with you, you'll still be able to use mobile banking and receive your one-time-password for transactions. If you're using an international mobile number we won't be able to send you your one-time password to this number. If you're not taking your mobile phone with you just call us on 13 1905 before you go and we'll make other arrangements for you. Please note international roaming charges may apply if you receive an SMS while you're overseas.

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Mortgage Saver is only available for new lending to RACQ Bank. Customers with an existing home loan can switch to Mortgage Saver with a minimum $20,000 in additional new lending.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

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You can only create a PayID within mobile or internet banking by linking it to an eligible account. Not available on some accounts.

Biometric identification features are compatible with selected devices only, noting that some devices may not be able to use particular Biometric identification methods. For Android, selected biometric features should be available on devices with android v 4.4 or greater, provided that feature is available in device. For iOS device, any device that is running with IOS version 9,10 or 11(or greater), provided that feature is available in device.